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Ralph Lauren - Elite S2 Ep3 Red Dress And Verbal

Mentioning of the Brand Time Stamps:

1) 1:15
2) 3:17

The locations of this product placement is throughout the Red Party scenes, which take place throughout the majority of the show. The beginning shows Cayetana stealing the dress, which is located on the dresser. It leads into the scenes where the character is wearing it. The brand name is mentioned twice while she is wearing the dress. The first time is at 1:15, where she is telling her friend the dress brand as a way of bragging about how expensive it is. The second time the name is mentioned is 3:17, where someone spills a drink and she screams out saying the name of the brand in anger that it is ruined. There is a scene while at the bar when the Pony logo of Ralph Lauren is visible on a guys shirt. The character is speaking to Cayetana, the girl wearing the Ralph Lauren dress.